DM4: Document Content
Entity Relationship Diagram for Epicentre V3.0 Data Model Copyright (C) 2001 POSC, All Rights Reserved.
reference_content Each document_spec_reference may describe a reference to one and only one document_content. document_spec_reference Each document_content may be referenced by one or more document_spec_reference. document_content Each document_schema_entity_content may reference one and only one document_content. document_schema_entity_content Each document_content may be used as one or more document_schema_entity_content. e_and_p_data Each document_information_content may include one and only one e_and_p_data. document_information_content Each e_and_p_data may be included in one or more document_information_content. graphical_representation Each document_graphical_content may use one and only one graphical_element. document_graphical_content Each graphical_element may be used in one or more document_graphical_content. depicted_object Each graphical_element may depict one and only one e_and_p_data. graphical_element Each e_and_p_data may be depicted by one or more graphical_element. document_content document_graphical_content document_information_content document_schema_entity_content document_spec_reference document_specification_part document_textual_content e_and_p_data graphical_element