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A classification of material based on specification of a range of characteristics. For example, the classification of rocks into lithologic classes is based on ranges of mineral composition and grain size. Other examples of material class is to classify a fluid system as a crude oil, natural gas or formation water.

Table is related to: common_activity_involvement, common_guideline_or_privilege, common_material_composition, common_material_property, data_collection_content, derived_interest_makeup, document_specification_part, earth_feature_classification, facility_classification, facility_class_classification, fluid_flow_stream_contaminant, geologic_age_classification, @graphical_element, @material, material_class, material_classification, material_class_classification, material_composition, object_activity_involvement, p_generic_property, p_isotope_ratio, technical_reference_alias, typical_facility_clsn, typical_material, typical_material_clsn

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