This list of abbreviations was used in constructing the
names of elements and attributes in WITSML v1.3.1.0

WITSML Abbreviations
Abbreviation Term
abandon abandonment
acc accumulator
accel acceleration
act actual
AFE authorization for expenditure
amt amount
anch anchor
ann annular
API American Petroleum Institute
asg average specific gravity
assy assembly
av average
azi azimuth
backgnd background
bear bearing
bha bottom hole assembly
BHCT bottom hole circulating temperature
bhd behind
BHST bottom hole static temperature
bop blow out preventer
bot bottom
ca calcium
calc Calcimetry
calc calculated
cap capacity
casc cascade
cat category
cbl cement bond log
cec cation exchange capacity
cet cement evaluation tool
chk choke
chrom chromatograph
circ circulate
circ circulating
circ circulation
class classification
cmt cement
co2 Carbon Dioxide
comp component
compr compressive
con connection
conc concetration
cond condition
config configuration
cons consistency
const constant
conv conventional
coord coordinate
cor correction
cor corrected
cov covariance
csg casing
ct coiled tubing
ctg cutting
cTim cumulative time
cyl cylinders
damp dampener
decl declination
dens density
desc description
dh downhole
dia diameter
dir directional
disp displacement
dist distance
distr distribution
div division
dls dogleg severity
dn down
drlstr drillstring
DST Drill Stem Test
dTim date and time
dtm datum
DTS Distributed Temperature Survey
DVTool Diverter tool
dxc drilling exponent calculated
E east
ecd effective circulating density
eff efficiency
elect electric
emw equivalent mud weight
engr engineer
ent entered
epent neo-Pentane
equip equipment
eth ethane
eTim elapsed time
ew east-west
fact factor
fatig fatigue
fet formation exposure time
flor fluorescence
for force
form formation
fric friction
geo geoid
govt government
grav gravity
gtf gravity toolface
guide guideline
h2s Hrdrogen Sulfide
hi high
hkld hookload
hr hour
hse Health, Safety and Environmental
ht height
Hthp high temperature (and) high pressure
hyd hydraulics
IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors
ibut iso-Butane
id inner diameter
ihex iso-Hexane
in inside
inc incident
incl inclination
init initial
inj injector
insp inspection
int integrator
ipent iso-Pentane
KCl Consistency index (Power Law and HB)
KCl Consistency index (Power Law and HB)
lap overlap
lcm lost circulation material
ld load
len length
LH left-handed
lith lithology
lot leak off test
Ltlp low temperature (and) low pressure
maasp maximum allowable shut-in pressure
mag magnetic
mag magnetism
mag magnetometer
man manifold
mbt methylene blue titration
md measured depth
meas measured
mech mechanical
meth methane
min minute
mn minimum
mnem mnemonic
moor mooring
MSL Mean Sea Level
mtf magnetic toolface angle
mwd measurement while drilling
mx maximum
N north
n Power Law index (Power Law and HB)
NAD North American Datum
nat natural
nbut nor-Butane
nhex neo-Hexane
npent nor-Pentane
ns north-south
num number
obj object
obj objective
od outer diameter
op operations
op operating
op operations
orig origin
OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
pa plugged and abandoned
param parameter
pc percent
PDC polycrystalline diamond compact
perf perforated
perm permanent
perpen perpendicular
pf Methyl orange alkalinity of filtrate
PG pressure gradient
pm Phenolpthalein alkalinity of mud
pmp pump
PO Purchase Order
pob personnel on board
poly polymer
POSC Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium
pow power
precip precipitation
pres pressure
prog program
proj projection
prop propane
pv plastic viscosity
qty quantity
qual quality
ream reamed
ream reaming
rec recovered
recip reciprocation
ref reference
ref reference
reg regulatory
rqd required
rheom rheometer
RKB Rotary Kelly Bushing
rop rate of penetration
rot rotary
rot rotating
rot rotation
rpm revolutions per minute
rpt report
RTTS Retrievable, designed for testing, treating, and squeezing
scr slow circulation rates
sec second
sect section
sep separating
srvc services
srvc service
slid slide
slid sliding
sol solid
spm stroke rate per minute
spud spudded
stab stability
std standard
std standpipe
stk stack
stn station
str string
stren strength
strat stratigraphic
sum summary
supp support
surf surface
swc side wall core
sys system
targ target
tbg tubing
TD Total Depth
tel telephone
temp temperature
tens tensile
tens tensioners
thick thickness
Tim time
toc top of cement
tol tolerance
tot total
tq torque
traj trajectory
tran transverse
TT Torque Transmission
tvd true vertical depth
uid unique identifier
umb umbilical
uncert uncertainty
uom unit of measure
var variable
vdl variable deck load
vel velocity
ver version
vert vertical
vis viscometer
vis viscosity
vol volume
warn warning
wb wellbore
wid width
witsml Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language
wob weight on bit
woc waiting on cement
wt weight
yp Yield point