Schema Changes for WITSML Data Schema

WITSML Version 1.3.1 Data Schema Change Summary

This documents is intended to sumarize Data Schema changes between version 1.3.0 and version 1.3.1. 

The Distributed Temperature Survey objects were added.

Modified realtime to specify a group of channels. The channel values can be demultiplexed or multiplexed. This will allow WITS data (as well as other natural groupings) to be more easily described.

The wellLog data section was simplified by eliminating the array elements in favor of using space delimited values in the data string. The block element was eliminated and its id was moved to become an attribute of data.

Activity codes and subCodes were concatenated into one string. This serves to define the legal combinations. Eliminated cs_activityCode in favor of adding the detailedActivity (uncontrolled string) element everywhere that activityCode elements existed.

The message and risk objects were simplified by constraining them to representing the wellbore and by removing the generalized pointing.

The uid and uidRef attributes were made optional. Servers will require them to be populated but messages outside the context of a server will not have to populate them.

Modified WellStatus, WellPurpose and WellboreType to use newer POSC values and definitions. Added wellDirection and wellFluid to well.

A uid attribute was added to all recurring (maxOccurs greater than one) container elements (an element that contains elements).

The enumeration values were modified to have a consistent naming convention.

Element odMx was added to cs_tubularComponent and element lenBladeGauge was added to cs_stabilizer

The unit element was eliminated in the log and wellLog header section in favor of adding a uom attribute to the start/end/min/max elements. A datum element was added for measured depth curves.

A sequence number was added to cs_tubularComponent to explicitly define the order in the hole.

The contents of logHeader and wellLogHeader were collapsed into log and wellLog.

A sequence number was added to realtime.

Moved nozzle from cs_bitRecord and cs_holeOpener up to cs_tubularComponent. Moved areaNozzleFlow from cs_bitRecord up to cs_tubularComponent.

Added dataRowCount to blockInfo in wellLog. Changed its type from positiveCount to positiveBigCount.

Added a tool type to trajectory station.

Added commonData to obj_trajectoryStation and cs_trajectoryStation. Moved commonData from cs_realtimeHeader back to obj_realtime.

In cs_localCRS, moved northDirection to be an attribute of yAxisAzimuth.

Moved densData from cs_channelDefinition to the cs_channel.

Replaced serial number with nameTag in cs_instrumentBox, cs_tubularComponent and cs_dayCost. Added nameTag to cs_bop, cs_pit, cs_pump, cs_shaker, cs_centrifuge, cs_hydrocyclone and cs_degasser.

Other small changes and fixes were also made.