Schema Changes for WITSML Data Schema

WITSML Version 1.4.0 Data Schema Change Summary

This documents is intended to sumarize Data Schema changes between version and version 1.4.0. 

Added a new attachment object.

Added a new changeLog object.

Added a new coordinateReferenceSystem object. This supports a GML style CRS definition. The old definition has been retained but is deprecated.

Added a new drillReport object.

Removed the dtsInstalledSystem and dtsMeasurement objects. They have been moved to PRODML for support.

Moved the WITSML_composite schema to a parallel specification which can utilize both WITSML and PRODML data structures. In order to support the Witsml_composite and a new aggregate object in a parallel specification, moved some file to a schemas_common folder with the rest being in folder schemas_witsml. The files in the schemas_common folder will use an identical copy in PRODML such that when mutiple specifications are copied to the same parent folder structure there will only be one schemas_common folder.

Documented that queries against dTimCreation or dTimLastChange represent a request for values that are greater-than the specified value.

Supported retention of the timezone for an acquisition (e.g., a log). Made the time zone mandatory in all date-time values and in the well timeZone element.

Added an event type to the documentInfo audit structure. This will allow clients and servers to capture timestamps associated with a web service.

Clarified that only the well object has a globally unique uid attribute.

In the wellbore object:

Added a serviceCategory to all objects (via commonData).

In realtime, log and wellLog:

In the realtime object:

Added a data delimiter for log data. This allows user specified text to contain commas.

Added a capability to capture the depth registration from an image of a wellLog.

In the log and wellLog objects:

In the trajectory and trajectoryStation objects:

In the log, wellLog, mudLog and trajectory objects, modified the growingObject element to support three states.

Supported the concept of noun versus adjective in the lithology qualifiers. This primarily affects the meta data in file ancilary/enumValues.xml. Deprecated 39 values and added 34 values.

In the bjaRun object, allowed drillingParams to recur.

Other small changes and fixes were also made.