Schema Changes for WITSML Data Schema

WITSML Version 1.4.1 Data Schema Change Summary

This documents is intended to sumarize Data Schema changes between version and version 1.4.1.  This incorporates changes made in 1.4.0.

Added the following new data objects:

Removed the following data objects:

The WITSML_composite schema has been moved outside of WITSML.

Supported retention of the timezone for an acquisition (e.g., a log). Made the time zone mandatory in all date-time values and in the well timeZone element.

Added a serviceCategory to all objects (via commonData).

Added an event type to the documentInfo audit structure. This will allow clients and servers to capture timestamps associated with a web service.

Moved the concept of a default datum from wellDatum to commonDatum. This will allow the default to be object specific.

Clarified that only the well data object has a globally unique uid attribute.

In the wellbore data object:

Supported the concept of noun versus adjective in the lithology qualifiers. This primarily affects the meta data in file ancilary/enumValues.xml. Deprecated 39 values and added 34 values.

In the bhaRun data object, allowed drillingParams to recur.

Eliminated documentation about API behavior from the schema. Instead, classified the "role" of the element within the context of the API.

Added a data delimiter for log data. This allows user specified text to contain commas.

In log:

In the mudLog data object:

Other small changes and fixes were also made.